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Airbnb Advice Column: Dealing With Guests Who Won’t Read Anything and How to Actually Be “Pet Friendly”

Welcome to another Airbnb Advice Column bonus episode. Hope you enjoy! XOXO – Natalie

0:36 – Vera:

Queen bed vs King bed? (1 BR cabin)

1:55 – Laura:

Washer and dryer broke and guest arrives tomorrow. Should I offer to pay for wash/fold service at a laundromat?

3:58- Ashley:

Do you plan deductions for the year (property improvements to save money) in advance to reach a certain tax bracket?

5:12 – Courtney:

Guests know that they are not reading instructions and then leave a bad review for check in

9:45 – Nicole:

How to kindly decline a guest that you are uncomfortable with? Local guest, no reviews, other red flags…

12:27 – C:

Should I keep original product packages (coffee, sugar, etc) for people to see, or change it to cute bottles and vases?

14:05 – Megan:

Please share alllll things pet friendly! Fees, rules for pets, supplies, and pet amenities you recommend.

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