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A Look Back On 2021 And Forward To 2022 For The Hospitality Industry

A Look Back On 2021 And Forward To 2022 For The Hospitality Industry

Join Ryan “Luke Capital” Luke, Chris “IPRAC” Maughan, Moriya “Smilinghouses” Rockman and Mark “Boostly” Simpson as they look back on the short term and serviced accommodation industry in 2021 and predict what they think we will see in 2022. 

The short term rental industry has had its fair share of ups and downs over the last few years and the professional operators have come out on top. 

These 4 titans of the short term rental industry share how technology is going to be the future and if you are not embracing it you are going to struggle as they look into 2022. 

Trust branding was another hot topic which plays a huge role in hospitality nowadays and is something that should be on the forefront of a professional host’s mind.

Technology in the hospitality industry: Ryan Luke is a big advocate of technology, systems and processes to build an automated business and he shares how you can increase your profits by embracing technology.

Chris Maughan continues with his thoughts on trust branding and how hosts now need to be focusing on this as a major part of their business strategy not only to generate more bookings and increase conversions but to survive in the long term. 

Moriya Rockman shares her thoughts on luxury branding and delivering a super guest experience whilst Mark Simpson highlights the importance of branding again… a bit of a common theme throughout the podcast from these experts so pay close attention and implement. 

Additional items covered

  • Marketing techniques for the short term rental industry 
  • The future for short term rental hosts 
  • The impact of COVID on short lets and serviced accommodation 

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