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A Landlords Poorly Executed Message To Tenants – Episode 009


The Economy, Investments, and Tenant Payment Letters


In today’s episode, Noble and Matt welcome special guest, Jerry Thompson III to discuss:

  • Who used EIDL or PPP
  • Investments
  • Stocks we’ve considered
  • A real-life problem with property management
  • …and more!



Jerry Thompson III (aka Jerry The 3rd) is an entrepreneur, international speaker, podcast host, and trainer. He works with clients around the world as he pursues real estate investment opportunities in his spare time. Jerry was asked by Airbnb to bring his podcast workshops to their new online experience rollout. Connect with Jerry and get more information using the links below:



Airbnb Online Experience: How To Create A Podcast


Takeaways, Tools, and Tips: The key takeaway for this episode is to show empathy! In times of crisis (and as a general practice) show your tenants, employees, vendors, customers, and connections that you truly understand and care about their well-being.


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Noble Crawford ( is a Principal Partner at Short Term Residences LLC. His background in technology, hospitality, and sales & marketing brings over 20 years of experience to his daily hustle. His wife, Elkie, and three sons along with his passion for helping others, make his life complete.



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