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97. How Many Properties It Takes To “Retire”

People ask me all the time “why did you get started with short-term rentals? They’re so much work, aren’t they?” The answer has always been pretty straightforward; they can make more money, much more money. And no, they don’t have to be much more work if you set them up properly. STR’s allowed me to become financially free much quicker than I could have continuing my investment journey with traditional long term rentals. They allowed me to expedite the growth of my portfolio. But how many properties does it really take to become financially free with short-term rentals? This week I want to give some insight to help answer that question. I’ll break down an example of achieving financial freedom with long term rentals with some numbers. This week we’ll discuss:

  • What’s your retirement number? 
  • How many rentals would that take? 
  • Comparing traditional single family long term rentals with STRs
  • Why the USA is the BEST place to invest
  • Setting up your gameplan

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