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93. Should You Use

As investors we have the natural tendency to increase revenues and increase our bottom line. One of the ways we can do that in the short-term rental world is by increasing our exposure. In other words, increasing the amount of people that can see, view, and potentially book our properties. This is exactly where online travel agencies (OTA’s) come in to play. They spend 100’s of millions of dollars every year on marketing so they can successfully link the properties (us) and the potential guests together. There are lots of options for OTA’s but which ones are best? Doesn’t it make sense to just be on as many as possible to increase our exposure? Not necessarily. I’ve played around with this for years and have tried lots and lots of different listings sites with mixed feelings. This week I want to break down one of the largest ones that you MAY NOT be using; We’ll discuss: 

  • How to decide if you should increase your exposure
  • statistics
  • Getting started and the setup
  • The pros and cons with
  • Should you use them or not? 


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