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89. Is Travel Back? (Airbnb After Covid)

You are seeing it, aren’t you? The instagram photos popping up. The long-delayed weddings that are now taking place. Airline flights being oversold. New travel videos on Youtube. Yep, it’s happening, travel is back! This has been a long time coming. What else would happen bottling the world up for over a year and half and preventing one of our biggest joys (and necessities) travel. But how do we know travel is really back? And of course, it’s not quite back everywhere but as short-term rental operators we have the inside scoop. So this week I want to break down a few of the signs that show us travel is looking promising. Let’s dive into:

  • Personal experiences
  • Advance booking times
  • Nightly rates
  • Which properties are being booked
  • Guest communications
  • OTA sentiment
  • Quarterly earnings report from Airbnb
  • My upcoming travel & event

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