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88. It’s INEVITABLE, Rents ARE Going Up

Rents have been increasing quickly since the last crash in 2008 which has been great for real estate investors. But why exactly are they going up? The short answer is, Economics.  Economics is the foundation for why prices do what they do. To break it down further, prices will always be controlled by supply and demand.. And when it comes to real estate there is a LOT of factors that affect both supply and demand. We’ll discuss this week the main reasons why rent HAS to continue to go up and break it down so you don’t need to remember your High School Economics 101 class. Let’s cover:

  • The decrease in how ownership
  • The housing shortage
  • Why the housing shortage does not have an easy fix
  • Why there are more renters than ever before
  • What this all means for rental prices
  • Where are the highest and lowest changes
  • What this means for your STR!

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