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86. 6 Expert Tips For Communicating With Your Guests

Let’s face it, unexpected issues WILL happen with our rentals and how you and your team handle the communication with your guests is crucial. In fact, communication becomes even more important when there is an issue but at the same time it also creates an opportunity to show your guests that you really care. Good communication equals happy guests and happy guests equal stellar reviews. But it goes further than that… I would argue that the better you communicate in general the more success you will have in life, the more friendships you will have, and ultimately less stress will invade your life! So this week I want to break down one of my favorites on the subject; Marshall Rosenburg’s Nonviolent Communication. Marshall’s expert advice translates easily to the world of real estate and your short-term rentals since communication is such a core element of the business. I will break down my top 6 takeaways that you can use in your business and your personal life. Stay tuned!


Link to Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenburg: Audible:


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