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85 – Season 2 Guest Compilation: Hard Lessons and Moments of Joy

In our final episode of Season 2 of the Better Events podcast, we went back and asked all of our guests from this year to answer one of two questions:

  • What’s something you had to learn the hard way?
  • What is a moment of joy you experienced at events this year?

Learn what our guests had to say as well as our answers!



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Ep. 43 – How to Secure Hosted Opportunities as an Event Planner with Vanessa Loney

Ep. 45 – Mentorships vs. Advice vs. Coaching in the Event Industry with Lynne Reznick

Ep. 48 – How to Ask Better Questions for First Impressions, Interviews, and More with Jen Mueller

Ep. 60 – Legal Resources for Small Business Owners with Lauren Boyd

Ep. 69 – Celebrating AANHPI Cultures in Events with Jolene Jang

Ep. 75 – From TV to the Olympics: Freelancing as an Event Producer with Kelly Brown

Ep. 80 – Event Niches: Transitioning from Corporate Events to Weddings with Vanessa Narvios

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Ep. 38 – Leveraging Yourself to Become Referral Worthy with Bron Hansboro

Ep 39 – Microweddings with Gretchen Culver

Ep. 41 – How to Transition to Full-Time Entrepreneurship with Jasmine Smith

Ep. 51 – How to Scale an Event Business with West Peek Productions

Ep. 52 – What is a Virtual Event Technician/Streaming Engineer with Luke Clements

Ep. 54 – Exploring the Virtual Attendee Path with Arianna Black

Ep. 56 – Producing Large-Scale Sporting Events with Kelly Reed

Ep. 58 – Attendee Engagement with Remo’s Founder Hoyin Cheung

Ep. 64 – Easy Google Analytics for Busy Event Pros with Christie Osborne

Ep. 66 – How to Build Your Dream Team with New Hires with HUSTLE + GATHER

Ep. 73 – Community Over Competition with Natalie Franke

Ep. 77 – Celebrating the Black Community in Events with Keneisha Williams

Ep. 78 – Level Up Your Instagram Marketing in 5 Simple Steps with Maria Oliva




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