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85. How I Got An Apartment Building For “Free” (Why Lease Arbitrage Will Never Equal Ownership)

There are some opportunities with real estate investments that we just can’t find anywhere else. Not with the stock market, not with investing in crypto currency, not by investing in precious metals like gold and silver, and not by operating short-term rentals on a lease arbitrage model. 


Nope, they will just never outweigh the benefits of owning property and using leverage (debt). If this sounds too good to be true, it will be very clear to you after this week’s episode as I discuss an eight unit apartment building valued at $690,000 that I just got for “free.” We’ll discuss:

  • What exactly I mean by “free” and how I have $0 in the deal
  • How to earn an infinite return
  • The actual numbers on this deal 
  • Why investing in the best markets is essential
  • Why owning short-term rentals will always be better than lease arbitrage

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