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#84 Jeremiah Tower, the Father of American Cuisine, on the Creative Force

Today’s guest Jeremiah Tower needs little introduction. He’s an American celebrity chef who, along with Alice Waters and Wolfgang Puck, has been credited with pioneering the culinary style known as California cuisine. 

His career began at Chez Panisse, in California, after a chance job opportunity. He later opened his own restaurant, Stars, in San Francisco, with branches in Napa Valley, Palo Alto, Manila, and Singapore. His biographical documentary ‘Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent’ was produced by Anthony Bourdain.

Jeremiah champions in the interview that you need to “get out of your head and back into your mouth”. I had a great time picking Jeremiah’s brain about what the industry can do to thrive after the pandemic. It’s about bringing the greatest brains together. Tune in to learn about re-training staff, dealing with unfinished business, how to say yes – and when he had to build an extra table for customers one evening.


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