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83. Should We Offer One Night Stays?

Doesn’t it hurt a little bit to look at your calendar and see those one day gaps without any guest checking in? Lost opportunity, lost revenue. Maybe you’re not offering one night stays because the work involved seems to be too much for the revenue you generate. Maybe you’re worried you will have guests rent the one nighter to throw a party. Maybe you just don’t know how to price it effectively. We are going to dive into all of these questions and more all around the subject of “Should I offer one night stays at my rentals.” I have gone back and forth with this in the past and I want to explain both sides including: 


  • What is an “orphan day”
  • How to price your one night stays 
  • The effects of one night stays on your housekeeping staff
  • Will they attract “party” guests and how can i monitor that
  • When should I offer one night stays? How far out? 
  • Leaving money on the table

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