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82. On The Ground Market Research (Finding The Right Property In A New Market)

There are several steps to doing market research and deciding on the next place to invest our money in real estate. We’ve talked about many of them before in prior episodes: from the fundamentals of what makes a good market to the special considerations we need to take when we have the intention to operate short-term rentals and not traditional rentals. In a nutshell these were things like, strong employment and population growth, low cost of living, landlord friendliness and favorable short-term rental regulation. But after all of this comes another very important step. After all of this we need to hone in on a neighborhood or even a few blocks within a neighborhood! I just got back from visiting 3 states and looking for new properties and so in this week’s episode we will break out the steps I took, including: 


  • Which markets I visited
  • Finding the right areas within a neighborhood
  • Staying in Airbnbs where you plan to invest
  • “Touring” the market (and the various ways to do that)
  • Connecting with Brokers and real estate agents

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