72 – Skills That Every Event Planner or Event Producer Needs

This week, we breakdown the key skills and strengths that event planners and event producers need. From the softer skills to more technical ones, we share our personal experiences and what makes great planners. Learn more about how you can grow your event skills and evolve in the event industry.



Episode 8 – How to Manage Stress – https://hospitality.fm/show/episode/8-how-to-manage-stress/

Episode 40 – Showcalling 101 – https://hospitality.fm/show/episode/40-showcalling-101/

Logan’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVvM0ofLqO3txk9-TPirVnw/featured

Laura Yarbrough Lloyd’s Website: https://www.lauralloydevents.com/

Event Leadership Institute (ELI): https://eventleadershipinstitute.com/




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