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71. Negotiating a Better Lease Rate for Lease Arbitrage

At first glance you may think that a landlord would never want to rent you his or her rentals so that you could sub-lease them and put them on Airbnb. There are parties, increased wear and tear, and much more liability with short-term rentals right?? Isn’t there? Well, if you’ve listened to this podcast for some time you know that’s not really the case. When managed properly short-term rentals can help you earn far greater returns without all the headache. And while you can also earn better returns so could a potential landlord leasing their rentals to you. I just signed a lease for 10 apartments with one owner and want to give you some pointers on how I negotiated the lease rates.

  • Benefits to the landlord and how to discuss them
  • Why one tenant can solve their management problems
  • Why the landlord might earn more leasing to you!
  • Presentation: Two sided spreadsheets (one long term vs. short-term)

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