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#69 Zoey Henderson, Founder of Fungtn, on the Conscious Consumer

Back by popular demand, Zoey Henderson has worked closely with hospitality brands to be healthier and more sustainable. During lockdown, she launched her own low alcohol beer Fungtn. I caught up with Zoey to learn more about how she came to produce such a drink that is hoppy, textured – and made from mushrooms. 

The pandemic has made us address our own personal health, and as hospitality business owners it’s our duty to serve healthy, sustainable food and drink. Things look promising: the no alcohol market is growing exponentially, with 58% growth from 2018 – 2019 in the UK alone. Let’s continue to create this new system for positive wellness, mental health and diet. Tune in as we cover her plans to serve the UK and Scandinavia, the no to low alcohol market, and how such a menu can boost drinks sales.

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