69 – Celebrating AANHPI Cultures in Events with Jolene Jang

In this week’s episode, we sit down with Asian Inclusivity Consultant, Jolene Jang, to talk about celebrating the AANHPI community at events, why we need to avoid whitewashing cultures, and the importance of correct name pronunciation and more. As event professionals, our industry is dedicated to creating experiences that help people feel safe, included, and celebrate so give this week’s episode a listen to learn how you can create more inclusive events.



AANHPI -Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders

Whitewashing: robbing the person of color of their story and replacing them with a White person

What is an Asian Inclusivity Consultant? See 1 min video

What do Asians have to be concerned about? See Video

Why should you care that Asians are being stabbed and attacked daily? #StopAsianHate Overview

Bullet Train with Brad Pitt and White Cast controversy.

The majority of the film’s main cast are white, and even Michael Shannon’s White Death is portrayed as having overtaken a prominent criminal organization in Japan. The only Japanese actor in a major role is Andrew Koji, who plays Kimura, one of the assassins on the bullet train who is lured there by The Prince.

To learn about how to be inclusive, first learn more about Asian American Culture. You can listen, watch and read.

At your events, make sure to have involve a few people from the specific group to get their feedback on any ethnic ideas. If you want to add some fun information here are items about Asian Americans people don’t know.

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