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61. Pro Tax Advice directly from my CPA (part one)

I’ve mentioned the benefits of being a real estate investor when it comes to taxes in prior episodes, but no one knows this subject better than Amanda Han, my CPA and personal tax advisor. She sees the behind-the-scenes PROOF that short-term rentals can yield excellent returns! Since Amanda is the professional in the space I thought it would be great to bring her on in a 2-part series to hear directly from the source. You don’t want to miss this! In this first part we’ll cover: 

  • How does the IRS define a short-term rental?
  • How can you offset W2 income or business income with STR expenses?
  • Are you offering services with your rental? What do you need to consider?
  • Passive income vs. business income – what’s the difference?
  • Becoming a real estate professional? What does that mean and what are the benefits? 
  • Why many investors are looking to STR’s to help with their taxes as long as they “materially participate” – What does that mean? 
  • The different types of depreciation benefits

This is the first part of a two-part series so make sure to tune in next week so you don’t miss a thing.To find out more about Amanda and her company “Keystone CPA” visit

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