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53. 5 Steps to Combat Smoking in Your Unit

Along with the legalization of marijuana in many parts of the world has come a variety of new apparatuses and misunderstandings about whether it’s ok to smoke indoors or not… or maybe it’s just that people think they can get away with it now because it’s more common and “legal.” 

Well, either way, more and more people are smoking in our short-term rentals! Luckily there are several action steps we can take to combat it and also remove the smells if someone sneaks by our preemptive procedures. Let’s dig in to a few tested strategies this week to save you and your rental from a nasty lingering odor: 

  • Review of your House Rules (including vape pens, marijuana, etc.)
  • Get evidence to file resolution (smoke ashes, joint butts, etc.)
  • Posted signs 
  • The best smoke eliminator spray 
  • Ozone cleaners 
  • A Smoke detector specifically for marijuana! 

Fresh air smoke sensor:  

Each device can monitor up to 500 square feet of open space over the building’s Wi-Fi network. Our minimum order is 50 devices.

Minimum order of 50 devices at $6/month = $300

Ozone machine: DO NOT BE IN ROOM AT SAME TIME, NO PLANTS EITHER, leave at the end of 15 minutes, will also get rid of food smells.

Get rid of all odors, pet smells, musty smells, weed, CAN’T be inside when you use it.

Some states like good ol’ CA have banned them.

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