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50. The REAL Secret to Accomplishing Anything (Special 50th Episode)

I can’t believe we’ve hit our 50th episode! We’ve released one episode per week which means it’s almost been a year already! Wow, how time flies. So. for our 50th episode I thought we’d do something special and talk about just that… how time flies and how it either works against us or with us. 

I’ll discuss a guiding principle I’ve seen as the foundation behind every successful person I know and the REAL reason I’ve been able to accomplish many of the goals I’ve set and built a large real estate portfolio.

We’ll break it down into four parts centered around the philosophy that big things happen with little decisions and one of the most influential books I’ve ever read, The Slight Edge. 

We’ll discuss the building blocks of the little actions we need to take and go into further detail on:

  • What exactly is The Slight Edge?
  • “First we create our habits, then our habits create us”
  • The building blocks of this philosophy
  • How we first become happy and then successful and not the other way around

Don’t miss this episode! It truly is, in a nutshell, the most valuable principle I’ve learned.

02:26 – The Slight Edge book by Jim Olsen 04:48 – Why most don’t take the actions to achieve their plans 06:59 – “Habits” are the building blocks of the slight edge philosophy 10:28 – The subject of happiness 12:14 – Shawn Achor’s 5 tips to happiness 15:23 – My proof happiness is a mindset


Books Referenced:

The Slight Edge by Jim Olsen 

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor 


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