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34. The Easiest Way to Keep Track of Your Rental Income & Expenses

As a real estate investor our goal is to acquire more properties leading to more cash flow and ultimately more wealth. But, as you continue to grow so does your bookkeeping! Even if you love math you may find yourself strongly disliking bookkeeping. It can be tedious and timely. QuickBooks offers a great solution to help streamline all of those expenses and keep you organized. How should you set it up? Tracking multiple properties? Listen in this week as Tim discusses a few tips he’s picked up along the way to help manage the income and expenses for all your properties! 


  • How does QuickBooks online work? 
  • Setting up multiple properties with one account
  • Tracking your 1099 contractors
  • Automatically syncing ALL of your transactions
  • Sharing QuickBooks online with your accountant and bookkeepers


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