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31. Your Recommendations = Excellent Reviews = More Bookings = More $!

We used to find them in paper formats, sometimes with the last guest’s wine stains or food crumbles mixed into the pages but times have changed! Guests want information at their fingertips. Providing a digital guidebook will make a huge impact on your guest experience, your reviews and the amount of time you spend on your business!


  • It answers the basic questions (your guests will always ask)
  • Easy images to direct guests how to use things
  • GPS coordinates to find your property
  • How to use email collection for marketing later on! 
  • An easy way to prove that guests accepted your house rules


There really are too many things to list! Its very affordable and worth every penny for you and your guest. 


Tim uses and recommends Hostfully. You can get one guidebook for free and there are more plans that go up from there. He actually only uses a few guidebooks and tailors them to the building, not the specific listing, which is less to keep track of in the long run.


For more info on finding the best properties get our free guide and more at 


If you want to learn more about Tim’s journey, email us at [email protected] for a free copy of the Amazon Best Selling book that Tim co-authored: “Resilience, Turning Your Setback Into a Comeback.”