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3 Guys, 2 Acres, 1 Bar, and No Builder — This is The Story of The Chal-A Vermont.

Meet Justin and Shaun — the creators of The Chal-A Frame, a beautifully curated escape nestled between the Stratton and Mt. Snow ski areas in Vermont.

Justin and Shaun are both architects.  They were roommates in college and have been close friends ever since.

One day while hanging out with the rest of their crew, Justin and Shaun got really excited about the possibility of having a place in the mountains where they could host their friends and families on long-weekends. 

Justin began scrolling through Zillow listings every night looking for plots of land in Vermont that might work for the guys to build their dream getaway on.

Tune in to hear the fun story of how Justin and Shaun found their land, how they collaborated on designing the A-Frame, what they did when they had to fire their builder halfway through the project, and the role Instagram has played in helping them book their first guests. 

Alright, without further ado, get ready to meet Justin and Shaun. 

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