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29. Information Overload! How to Organize it All

How can we possibly handle so much information coming at us from every direction? The plans we have for our short term rentals, the markets we’re researching, the contacts in those markets, pros and cons from one neighborhood to another? We have to have a place to put all of that data and if you try to keep it in your head you will fail! (Or at least forget most of it)

Tim will discuss how to use a digital note system to store your ideas so your brain doesn’t have to. How fast is our data expanding? Health benefits of having a “clear” mind Available tools – What Tim uses and other options Accessing your research from anywhere (on any device) The GTD method by David Allen

[6:03] Recommended digital note-taking platforms: Evernote, Microsoft OneNote (works on Android & Apple)

[9:19] Get a summary of the The GTD method from David Allen: collecting, processing, organizing actions, reviewing and execution.

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