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28. Where to Find the Best Information for Your STR Business

There is more information available online than ever before and it’s growing at an exponential rate but not all of it is credible. Not all of it is helpful. Not all of it is useful for your STR. This week Tim will give you his favorite learning resources and some points to consider: 


  • Best podcasts
  • Best YouTube channels
  • Best Conferences Conferences 
  • Mentorships


[3:07] Recommended YouTube channels: 

STR University (Richard)

Airbnb Automated


[6:48] Recommended Podcasts: 

Get Paid for Your Pad

Vacation Rental Success


[7:54] Recommended Conferences: VRMA, VRSS, HomeAway and Specific software conferences (Israel) REST methods event 


VRM intel Magazine: (for an updated calendar of events)