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#192 Dr Vikki Barnes, Founder of Positive Wellbeing, on Happiness as a Measure for Society

Through consultation, programmes and speaking engagements, Dr Vikki Barnes supports organisations across industries in making the most of people and creating cultures that people are proud to be a part of. It was an honour to have Vikki return to the show for the second time, as we find out what she has been up to since we spoke in July 2020, including some insights from her latest book ‘Free Happiness’.

In this episode, we explore how organisations can build a happy culture for their people, what we can learn from the Stoics, having reflective time, why vulnerability is key to navigating the unknown, and why happiness should be an index measured across society. 


#62 Leading with radical acceptance with Dr Vikki Barnes, Clinical psychologist and Founder of Positive Wellbeing:

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