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#188 Myles Downey, Performance Coaching and Leadership Expert, on Self-Trust

Myles Downey is an authority on Performance Coaching and Leadership. He was the founder of The School of Coaching, for many years, a much-respected provider of coach training and executive coaching in the UK and Europe. Myles is the author of ‘Effective Modern Coaching’, ‘Effective Coaching’ and ‘Enabling Genius – a mindset for success in the 21st Century.

I truly enjoyed this reflective conversation as we explored tapping into your own leadership style. Tune in to this episode as we discuss redefining what we mean by ‘authority’, what it means to trust yourself, what we can learn from Myles’ own coaching style, and some great books that have had a huge influence on his success.  


‘Effective Modern Coaching’ by Myles Downey:

‘Effective Coaching’ by Myles Downey: 

‘Enabling Genius – a mindset for success in the 21st Century’ by Myles Downey: 

‘Inner Game of Tennis’ by Timothy Gallwey:

‘The Obstacle Is The Way’ by Ryan Holiday: 

‘Mindset’ by Dr Carol Dweck:


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