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184. Smart Thermostats for Vacation Rentals: Easy Guest Control and Energy Savings

“I’m going to turn the thermostat as cold as it will go.”

Your guest thinks to themself stepping in from the hot summer sun.

Regardless whether or not your property is at a cool temperature – some guests will still turn down the thermostat…all the way. This ins’t just a challenge for your equipment, it can also be a challenge for you pocket book. Air conditioning and heat are usually one of the largest utility expenses for most properties. And those bills get even worse if your property is not properly equipped.

Whoa that’s a tongue twister–say that one 3x fast. “Property is not properly equipped”

Ok down to the point.

The easier the thermostat is to use the easier it is for you guests.

And they are not all created equally. In my personal portfolio we use multiple different brands.

But, I now have a favorite.

I purchased a dozen or so of them and we’ve tested them…

All is looking good so I figured it’s time to pass the tips on to you all.

This week as we dive into everything from:

  • Potential HVAC issues
  • Essential thermostat settings
  • Several Industry Options
  • The thermostats we now use

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