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#184 Michael Radley, Co-Founder of Nibble, on Influencer Marketing Built For Hospitality

You don’t need Kim Kardashian or Joe Wicks to promote your business – but micro-level independent influencers who resonate with your audience. Nibble was launched in 2021 to make influencer marketing simple and quick for restaurants and influencers. The platform connects brands with the right local influencers to get more customers through the door. Today we’re joined by co-founder Michael Radley to discuss why all hospitality brands need to leverage this marketing channel – and where to get started. 

Tune in to this conversation as we explore having a list of blunders, why business owners need to keep Instagram and TikTok front of mind, how to market niche products, and some of the common obstacles and misconceptions that stops brands working with influencers. 


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