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180. Lessons from one of the industry’s leading experts (Danny Rusteen “Optimize Your BNB”)

There is a lot to learn in the short term rental industry. The environment is constantly changing; new tools, tips, markets to look for, and best practices to incorporate into your short term rental (or your upcoming purchase.  Too much to learn in fact that there is no way for me to process it all myself. So to change things up a bit i’ve decided to bring on a few other experts in the space. This week we meet with my friend and former Airbnb employee Danny Rusteen. Danny is also the author of the best selling book “Optimize your BNB” and has a new book coming out soon I’m excited to talk about “profitable properties – Airbnb Insider secrets.” Danny doesn’t just talk the talk, he also owns and operates arguably one of the best performing properties in all of Medellin, Colombia. Medellin is no small city… thousands of Airbnb’s are actively listed there and it takes work to get to the top of that list. He brings a ton of value this week as we dive into everything from: 

  • What it means to live a “Rich” life

  • Why direct bookings are important 

To get in touch with Danny you can find him at or get a copy of his book here. He is also launching the Optimized Business course, which I believe could be of great value to you. By using the code STRRICHES, you can enjoy a 50% discount for three months. The course begins on May 29th.

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