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#172 Giles Fuchs, Founder and CEO at Burgh Island Hotel, on Net Zero Hospitality

Today’s guest has gone through an incredible entrepreneurial journey, which includes having bought a hotel on an island, and how he is trying to find a way to ensure we change the world positively through business. Giles Fuchs is the Founder and CEO at Burgh Island Hotel, as well as Office Space in Town and Gunner Cocktails.

Burgh Island Hotel is a unique Art Deco hotel on its own private island in South Devon. With notable past guests including Winston Churchill, The Beatles and Agatha Christie – Giles took on the exciting challenge of restoring its reputation and service excellence when he became co-owner in 2018. In this episode, we explore how he’s pledging to be net zero, supporting the local community – and some of the key challenges he has faced with transforming a company’s culture. 


‘Speed & Scale’ by John Doerr

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Burgh Island

Office Space in Town

Gunner Cocktails

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