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169. Guide to Hosting on for Beginners

When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do sir? This was a quote I heard and has stuck with me for years since an Int’l business class I took as a young buck. This is reality: things change. I’ve spoken before about and how they weren’t right for us but… We’re now back on! And I think you might want to use them for extra exposure for your short-term rental as well. They have also released a few new features I think you will find very handy since the last time we reviewed them. Stay tuned this week as we discuss:

  • Why we went back on
  • How to get started with them (for beginners)
  • How to save time in the setup 
  • Why now they are easier to use then ever
  • Extra exposure
  • Property protection
  • What type of guests they will bring to your property

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