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167. What Linens Should You Use For Your Bed? (and What I Use)

Coziness goes a long way when it comes to guest experience in your STRs. If there is one other important thing you should consider focusing on, it would be something relatively timeless: COMFORT. We are talking about linens, towels, mattresses and pillows. Having a superb quality of these coupled with proper care and some nice presentation can totally enhance the guest experience! 

As traveling has been redefined, we see more inclusive stays across short-term rental properties lately. But some guest expectations remain the same. Regardless of the main reason why our guests are traveling, they are still coming to your short term rental to relax, so make sure you’re providing them the space to just do that!

So in this week’s episode, we will talk about how to provide guests with a quality and comfortable stay in the form of these amenities. Tune in as I give you extra bonus tips straight from Airbnb Host Plus! We will discuss:

  • Keeping quality comfort in mind
  • Caring tips and when to replace them
  • What I personally use and where to get the best 
  • Bonus Tips for making a welcoming bed – Airbnb Host Plus!

If you want to checkout the recommended video from a bedding expert see it here.

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