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163. International investment options just got WAY better

What the heck is going on? If we look beyond the US borders most currencies are getting crushed against the dollar. I just got back from a 4-week Euro trip and the dollar for the first time in my life the US dollar was at parity with the euro! Just to put things in perspective, the first time I went to Europe one Euro equaled $1.50 (a 50% difference). And why does this all matter anyway.

There has never been a time in my lifetime when the dollar has been as strong as it has now. What does that mean for Americans or those of us that are earning US dollars? It means everything is on sale! Unfortunately at the expense of many other nations. The subject of currency exchange is a complicated one. A subject that isn’t easily calculated or forecasted and that can change on a whim from the news. But if you have interest in investing in other countries now may be your time! 

  • Historical highs
  • Brent Johnson’s Milkshake theory
  • Exchange arbitrage
  • Using your USD to live like a king / queen
  • Plan Bs and potential options
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Considerations for buying foreign properties
  • My current deal CLOSED
    • I got lucky I didn’t invest a year ago…


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