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161. Should You Still Leave Instant Book Turned On?

Do you know the one power tool that you can use to maximize your earnings and expedite the booking process, too?

I am talking about Airbnb’s Instant Book feature. Instant book is a hassle-free booking process that allows guests to book your listing automatically. It also improves guest experience on top of that. It is like hitting 3 birds with one stone. But let’s pause here for a second and rethink, are we using it effectively? 

In this week’s episode, we will talk about the power of Instant booking. Is it a yay or is it a nay? Stay tuned as I break down for you the perks, the downsides, and everything between! We will discuss:

  • Pros and Cons 
  • Tips when dealing with Instant Book Guests
  • Booking requirements you should apply
  • Why don’t some hosts use it?
  • Top 3 FAQs about Instant Book


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