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#160 Paul Hargreaves, Founder and CEO at Cotswold Fayre, on B Corps and Being a Force For Good

Paul Hargreaves is the CEO at Cotswold Fayre and Flourish, and author of two inspirational books – ‘Forces for Good’ and ‘The Fourth Bottom Line’. As a B Corp Ambassador, he often speaks to leaders who want to change the world through better business. It was powerful to learn more about his personal and professional journey that’s taken him to where he is today. 

Paul joins me today to share what we can learn from his businesses – they are great examples of how you can build a financially sound business and make a positive impact on the world. We also explore the B Corp movement, insights from his books, why we need to stop more and be less ‘productive’  



‘Long Walk to Freedom’ by Nelson Mandela

‘Good To Great’ by Jim Collins

Paul Hargreaves’ LinkedIn 

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