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152. Setting up your property online like a pro (Part two)

If you missed last week make sure to jump back and check it out as we ran through (in a nutshell) the essential steps to getting your Airbnb ready. Everything that you need to physically do, that is. But we can’t stop there. A STR that no one can find is not going to make any money. So step two; get it ready online. Although this doesn’t take a long time, there may be more to it than you know. I’m going to walk through this week (in a nutshell) the nine step process for getting your Airbnb (or STR) ready and online to make sure it has the biggest reach and answers all of your guest’s questions so they don’t hesitate and hit that reserve button 🙂 

This week we will discuss: 

  • Getting started on Airbnb
  • My software stack
  • The 4 essential components
  • Setting up your pricing
  • Setting up your guidebook 
  • Your home automation
  • Going beyond Airbnb for max exposure
  • A nice place to store additional property info

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