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150. How living longer WILL affect real estate

I can’t believe it. This is our 150th episode! Wow, how time passes soo quickly. I thought we’d do something special and talk about a topic that’s not 100% real estate related but will, undoubtedly, change the markets we should be investing in and the type of guest we will be receiving in the future. Let’s talk about the human lifespan. Our population as a whole is getting older; it’s a fact. 

And as our population ages, demographics change and that changes the fundamentals of our real estate investments and the decision we are making. Well… it should change our investment decisions! But it depends on your investment timeline and to be honest – some of the demographic info is a bit hard to see from the ground level.I’ll get to some excellent resources I’ve used in the past in a bit but, first, a bit more on breaking scientific research that is allowing us to live longer!Every year we are alive we gain an extra 3 months of life. So, if you’re alive for 10 extra years from today that means you added another two and a half years to your lifespan. And not too far off on the horizon, scientists believe that we will be adding an extra year of life for every year we are alive; imagine that. So I don’t know about you but if I can live 20 years longer than the current life expectancy I am all for that; as long as I’m healthy, that is. The good news, we know what we can do today to live longer and stay healthy. Lets go slightly off topic this week for a special 150th episode and talk about the latest scientific research behind longer lifespans and how: 

  • Our aging population affects real estate
  • Why demographics are so important to real estate investing
  • Exactly why we are living longer
  • 5 scientifically proven tips we can implement to live longer
  • The opportunities we all have with a longer lifespan 
  • Consistency & the Slight Edge recap (one of my favorite books)

If you haven’t already read it, please check out one of the most influential books I’ve ever read by Jeff Olson: The Slight Edge. It will change your life. I promise.Also make sure to check out “Big Shifts Ahead” and “Emerging Markets” you can find on our resources section here. If you want to jump around you can check these time stamps: 

  • 10:15 how living longer affects real estate 
  • 13:15 two of my favorite book recommendations for finding good markets & demographic data 13:35 how to predict demographic shifts 
  • 15:30 best book for finding emerging market data 16:35 how we can combine longer lifespan + consistency to achieve amazing results

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