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149. Are you keeping your property secure? (best security camera)

Camera technology has really improved over the years. That’s really good news for us in the STR industry because security cameras not only help us protect our homes but they help us monitor our guests.Ok… before you go thinking that I have been spying on our guests let me explain a bit more what I mean by “monitoring” our guests. Cameras are NOT allowed inside our short-term rentals and that is obvious. But we can monitor our guests in other ways. We can see when they arrive. We can see how many people they arrive with. We can see if they, perhaps, are trying to sneak in one of their furry little pet friends when we have a no pet policy 🙂 So for us in the STR space cameras are essential. But there are a ton of options to choose from these days! So which one do we choose? I’ll share my experience in this week’s episode using several different models over the last 7 years and break down some of the most important features you will want to have regardless of the camera you choose. 

  • Is it worth opting for a wireless option? 
  • Alternate uses for our STR (outside of security)
  • 3 things to consider when purchasing
  • 5 options on the market today

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