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#147 Ashish Tulsian, Co-founder and CEO of POSist, on Being a Tech Company

Calling in from India, Ashish Tulsian is the co-founder and CEO of POSist – the first company to provide a complete online POS solution for restaurants. Ashish kickstarted his entrepreneurial journey in 2007 by founding a telecom company right out of college. POSist came up when Ashish and co-founder Sakshi Tulsian started hunting for a software solution to automate their own restaurant but ended up creating one for themselves. They now help more than 10,000 restaurants across the world.

Ashish boldly claims on the show that “everybody is going to be a tech company” – and he is right. It’s clear that companies that have moved the needle have leverage technology, and restaurants are no exception. In this episode we explore doing one thing well, the issues with operating from high margins, what we can learn from other industries, and learning from India’s digital infrastructure.    



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