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145. Upside and Downside of Alteration Requests

I’m sure we all have experienced this: a guest changing his/her plans and asking you to change the date of their stay to a time that is outside of the cancellation penalty period.You approve this request only to find out that, well your guest is, after all, planning to cancel! 

Well quite sadly, this is an ongoing tactic. We understand that guests want flexibility but if you just give in to these alteration requests without checking how it goes with your cancellation policies, then you are losing a lot of potential income there! Imagine, a Reddit post about this tactic in ULPT (Unethical Life Pro Tips) has 10,000 upvotes on exactly how to go around the host’s cancellation policy. They are talking about this at your expense!

You definitely don’t have to fall for this! Remember that when a reservation is made on your listing, guests are locking in those dates so no one else books it. You have the right to earn money knowing the value of your home and the value of your home being booked! So this week, I invite you to join me as we talk about:  

  • What is a trip change request
  • How it works 
  • Should you be accepting them and what you can do
  • Red flags you should keep an eye for 
  • Bonus Tips you should know

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