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135. Future outlook from the biggest hotel chains in the world

Compared to the hotel industry, the short-term rental industry is still just a small share of the pie. Although it is growing! And not just growing but merging with the hotel industry. The hotel industry is taking note of the STR industry and vice versa. But at the end of the day, the hotel industry is still a giant and the travel industry’s leader. Some hotel chains have tens of thousands of rooms and so they have access to incredible data. Data on the return of work travel, data on the average length of stay and average price, and perhaps most interestingly, data on the future outlook of the travel industry as a whole!This week I want to share some insights I learned from a conference I recently attended with some of the biggest players in the industry. I think you will find what they had to say to be quite exciting 🙂 A quick review on: 

  • The great “merger” 
  • Is business travel returning? 
  • What areas are most ripe for investment? 
  • Industry expert’s opinion on a potential “recession”

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