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130. Five listing upgrades to BOOST your search ranking

I know the hesitation. You’re staring at your Airbnb listing wondering… is this the right title? Is this the best title? Did I charge the right cleaning fee? Should I change my photos and descriptions? Am I missing something?

Because we rely so heavily on listings sites like Airbnb and VRBO to advertise our properties for rent as short-term rentals, it’s important that we do what they want when it comes to our online listing setup. It’s only right that we do what they ask, isn’t it? Would your property be staying booked so easily without them? Hopefully! But for many of us, that’s not the case, after all, they do spend $100s of millions on advertising on our behalf 🙂

And so when I say “do what they ask” I’m actually referring to machines. Yes, machines. I can say with 100% certainty that on the other side of our computer screen there is not a human being reviewing our listings; it is a machine. A machine looking for certain data that it can plug into its algorithms to let Airbnb know that the listing is in fact a good one or a bad one less deserving of lucrative reservations.  So how do we make these search algorithms (machines) happy to ensure that our listings are viewed by as many people as possible? That’s what we’ll uncover this week in a quick episode breaking down the top five.

  • Doing what they ask
  • Completing the listing sections (correctly)
  • Safety features
  • A few pointers in regards to photos 
  • Keeping up on our listing (Monitor) 
  • Superhost metrics: (VRBO “premier host”)


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