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129. Bathroom Maintenance Items You Will Definitely Encounter

Operating short-term rentals will give you a new appreciation for the spaces we live in. It gets us thinking more about interior design but it also has us thinking about how durable our interior design will be. Or at least you should be thinking that if you already have a rental property. How well will your rental hold up to guests coming in and out on a regular basis? It would be hard to argue that every guest (or long-term tenant) will treat our properties exactly the way we do. As a result, we’re likely to get some additional wear and tear. But not all parts of a rental will receive the same amount of wear. Normal wear and tear are all based on usage and if there is one place I can guarantee your guests will always use, it’s the bathroom. So because it gets used every time a guest stays with you it needs a little more attention. We’ll shed some light on wear and tear this week with a focus on our bathrooms. Including: 


  • The bathroom items that will wear out
  • Budgeting
  • A couple items you need but don’t want your guests to see
  • An item you probably haven’t thought about (you will need)

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