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128. Past Prejudices Might Make You Say “No”

I feel super fortunate to have been able to meet and become friends with some really big-time real estate investors. A friend of mine owns and manages roughly $400 million between himself and his investors’ portfolio so when he starts changing the way he does something my ears perk up. I’ll get to what he says shortly into this week’s episode but for now, I’d like to ask you if you can think of anywhere where a property costs less five years ago than it does today? I didn’t think so. 

Prices have skyrocketed in most real estate markets. I know that is not news to most of you but what exactly is it that makes you think these properties are expensive? Yes, the price is certainly higher but are they actually more expensive? For me, a property is expensive when it no longer makes money. When it can’t cash flow. When the rents and income no longer exceed the expenses it takes to own the property. That is the point when a property (for me) does not become a sound investment option. And so if we look at it that way then a property’s sales price actually has much less to do with the whole equation.If you’re looking for one more nudge to help you pull the trigger, I’ve got another metric for you: price per square foot (psf). It allows you to compare between properties and provide a whole bunch of insight to help you make a better-informed decision. So this week we’ll talk all about that and: 

  • Past Prejudices
  • Using today’s numbers to make a decision
  • All about Price Per Square Foot (PSF)
  • What causes PSF to change
  • Construction Costs

Check here for stats. And new home  source ▪ 

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