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127. A Free Digital Guidebook Option

The fewer questions we receive from our guests the easier it is to manage our short-term rentals and if it’s easier it’s likely that we will continue doing it and building our portfolios! At the same time, receiving fewer questions also indicates that our guests have everything they need! So we talk a lot about communication on this channel and how to best serve our guests. One of those ways that we highly recommend is to have a digital guidebook. It’s not just about communication but it’s how we are communicating and a digital guidebook allows us to relay information in a very easy and visibly pleasing way. This week we’re going to talk about how we can get our recommendations and property information over to our guests using a FREE option that doesn’t require a software subscription. 

We’ll be using my favorite program in the world! I use it every day in both my business and my personal life and couldn’t imagine staying organized without it. And I know that ANYONE with a short-term rental could benefit from using it.This week’s episode we’ll dive into:   

  • Sharing info with your guests efficiently
  • Providing better instructions
  • Creating a FREE digital Guidebook
  • Creating a FREE digital Housekeeping checklist

Listen to my episode about Notion here and you can check it out online at 

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