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123. Are you working with the right real estate agent?

I’m just getting back from my 3-week tour in the US and reflecting back on some of the simple mistakes I made. I have been loosely looking for property in San Antonio, TX for a couple of years. I think it’s a fantastic market but I found a property I liked in a city where I don’t currently have a property and am not currently working with anyone a brand new market for me you could say.

I emailed the broker I was referred to and didn’t get much help; bad start. I met them there and I knew more than they did; bad second encounter (although it does have something to say for how much you can learn from thousands of miles away).

The second I left the property I was kicking myself for having begun the “purchasing process” with the wrong agent.

This week we’ll discuss the value of your agent/broker and a few tips for making sure you are with the right one

  • My history as a broker /agent
  • Finding a broker /agent
  • Can you make a good relationship remotely?
  • What’s their experience?
  • The value of a broker
  • Long term goals – a lifelong relationship


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