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121. Is It Cold In Your City? (Impacts Of Weather On Your Investments)

Since the invention of the air conditioner people have had the ability to live comfortably in hot areas. It wasn’t that long ago that the southern part of the USA, what’s commonly referred to as “the sun belt” was more of a ghost town. Today it’s booming! In fact more retirees are choosing to live in areas in the sun belt than ever before. States like Arizona, Texas, Florida have all seen huge population growth over the past years. 

Couple that with the fact that more people are working remotely than ever and I believe the “sun belt” offers lots of good investment options in the USA. It’s comprised of 22 metropolitan statistical areas (cities with over 1 million people each) so if you’re currently searching for your next potential property this might help you narrow things down. Lets discuss the move to warmer climates this week and I’ll also provide an easy go-to website for you this week to get some great annual city statistics :)This week let’s discuss:

  • The sun belt
  • Demographic trends
  • City Population Growth
  • Easy access to weather stats
  • Weather’s effects on tourism

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