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118. Tips For Creating The Perfect Listing Title

Never have so few words packed such a punch. We’re talking about, on average, just 10 little short words. Ten little short words that comprise your short term rental listing’s title and ten little short words that could lead to a new reservation! If you have the title right, that is. People are normally looking at your main photo first but second to that they’ll notice your title. Is your property currently listed as “Two bedroom suite in ideal location!” While that doesn’t sound bad at first glance… it’s dropping the ball in all kinds of ways. You need to put some thought into your title and so this week (and after experimenting with all kinds of titles with my own properties) I want to give you my top tips for crafting the perfect listing title. We’ll discuss:

  • Following character limits 
  • Who is your audience? 
  • Include listings best features
  • Are you including redundant information?
  • Catchy words
  • Should you adjust your title? 

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