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115. What’s Slimy And Smells (Good) But 100% Necessary For Your STR?

What’s one small thing we need in multiple rooms in our short-term rentals that is 100% necessary and can smell (good) ? Soap! Yes, what a fun subject right? Ok, while it might not be the most fun subject for many of us it is uber important. Our guests rely on us to stock our rentals with soap. And not just in not just our bathrooms, but also kitchens, dishwashers and laundry rooms. There are lots of options and lots of ways to display them and make sure they stay full. Let’s review this week:

  • The essentials spots 
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash. Can we combine them? 
  • Dispensers or disposable? 
  • Housekeeping considerations
  • Soap pods vs. powders
  • High end vs. cheap


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